My Viking Lotto is the great app for Viking Lotto game.

The application that helps you to make bets reduced to the Viking Lottery.

The reduced system allows you to select more numbers than a standard entry, providing
you with the entry that cover almost all combinations of numbers you have

It gives us the possibility of playing more numbers with less money.

With My Viking Lotto yo can do:

  • Bets reduced to the super 5.
  • Bets reduced to the super4.
  • See the ticket.
  • Send the ticket by email.
  • 9 languages: English, Spanish, Norwegian, Iceland, Lithuanian, Latvian,  Denmark, Finnish and Estonian.

* Information:

This application is not an official application of Viking Lottery.

The tickets and bets that are displayed in the application are not valid and must be registered and verified in official locals.

My Viking Lotto can not play the lottery, only helps you to make the drawing plays.

The Viking Lotto is a jackpot game.

*** Standard game:

– The player selects 6 main numbers which can be any number from 1 to 48.


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